A downloadable game for Windows

WASD to move
LMB to shoot
Space or RMB to boost

Robo Blast is a game about blasting robots, mines, and saving suicidal people who would rather die than be captured by the robots. It's the year 2032 and you play as Cyborg Joe, an individual that was once human, now is mostly Cyborg parts from all he's been through. Equipped with a laser blaster, a dash backpack, and a built-in teleportation device, Cyborg Joe will stop at nothing to defeat the robots from invading his world.


Robo Blast.exe 2 MB


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Very nice game about a green guy vs red guys rich story and characters 10/10

There really isn't a story but thanks

Yes there is there are books written about this legendary game almost 200 years ago and there are a ton of fan theories and a rich story and also great characters and fluid mechnaics and really grat gameplay and replayability so you're wrong.